Luís Tinoco

“Incipit” – Portuguese Première with the OSP

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg-1Incipit for symphony orchestra was written in 2015 following a commission from the OPART to celebrate the 450th anniversary of the foundation of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Following the world première in June of the same year, performed by the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra at the City of the Arts and the Theatro Municipal, Incipit will now have its Portuguese première at the Centro Cultural de Belém, in Lisbon, performed by the Portuguese Symphony Orchestra under Joana Carneiro‘s baton.2d00f050639d8691cf325d1406df415e

This concert will take place on the 15th of May, at 5.00 pm, and it will be followed by another performance in Porto, Casa da Música, on the 25th of June. Click here and here to know more about these performances.

“The Blue Voice of the Water” – Brazilian première with the OSESP

Malkki & Tinoco, Feb. 2016 - © Orlando Almeida

Malkki & Tinoco, Feb. 2016 – © Orlando Almeida

Following its World première last February with the Orquestra Gulbenkian conducted by Susanna Mälkki, The Blue Voice of the Water will now have its first performance in Brazil, at the magnificent Sala São Paulo.
Tinoco‘s most recent symphonic work, co-commissioned by the São Paulo Symphony and the Gulbenkian Orchestra, can now be heard in three performances by the OSESP conducted by James Gaffigan, on the 5th, 6th and the 7th of May. Click here to know more. And click here to watch a video.

conductor James Gaffigan

conductor James Gaffigan

Dedicated to Ben and Alrun Almeida Faria, this work is a response to an invitation made by two orchestras separated by an Ocean but that are connected by the same language. Not wanting to establish a direct relation with historic events or with other sources such as geographic, visual or musical, Tinoco’s first impulse lead him to revisit the writings of the Brazilian poet Manoel de Barros [1916-2014]. (…) It was then, through the language that we share, in spite of its different accents and tonalities, that I found my stimulus to compose this piece. Not being able to produce a faithful translation of Barros’ poem to English, I would nonetheless detach some of its imagery such as the references to [listening to] ‘the perfume of the rivers’, the ‘voice of the water with its blue accent’, or the [tracking of] ‘birds to find the blue’. (…)

Sala São Paulo

Sala São Paulo

Stratos Quartett performs “Forgotten Places”

Stratos_Quartett_profile_2016On the 5th of May, in Pribram, at the Antonin Dvorak Festival, the Stratos Quartett will give the Czech première to “Forgotten Places“. This piano quartet was written in 1998 following a commission from the ACARTE Gulbenkian Department and it was premièred on the same year by the Moscow Piano Quartet. It was later recorded on CD by the Lontano Ensemble musicians. Click here to listen to a fragment.

The Stratos Quartett musicians (on the photo) are Katharina Engelbrecht (violin), Magdalena Eber (viola), Jan Ryska (cello) and Mari Sato (piano)

“The Blue Voice of the Water” – World première with the Orquestra Gulbenkian

“O Sotaque Azul das Águas” – front page

Co-commissioned by the Orquestra Gulbenkian and the OSESP (São Paulo Symphony Orchestra), The Blue Voice of the Water will now have its World Première at the Gulbenkian Auditorium, on the 25th and the 26th of February, under Susanna Mälkki‘s baton.

Susanna Mälkki

Susanna Mälkki

These two performances will be followed by the Brazilian première, at the Sala São Paulo in May, with the OSESP conducted by James Gaffigan.

O Sotaque Azul das Águas (The Blue Voice of the Water) is dedicated to Alrun and Ben Almeida Faria.

Click here and here to know more.

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