2013 February

“Descubro a Voz” premières in Israel

In the first days of March, the choir NIVE (New Israeli Vocal Ensemble), conducted by Paulo Lourenço, will sing a program devoted to a collection of Portuguese works, from the Renaissance until today.
This program can be heard in the cities of Jerusalem (2nd of March); Ra’anana (4th of March); Tel Aviv (5th of March) and Modi’in (9th of March); and it includes the Israeli première of “Descubro a Voz“, for mixed choir, a piece written by Luís Tinoco in 2007, setting a poem by José Luís Tinoco.

New Israeli Vocal Ensemble

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“Soundless Coast” – World première

On the 26th of February, at 09.00 pm | Casa da Música – Porto, the Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra, lead by Pedro Guedes and Carlos Azevedo, will give the World première of “Soundless Coast” – a piece written by Luís Tinoco for the film “O Naufrágio do Veronese” (1913) [The Shipwreck of the Veronese], produced by the Invicta Film and that witnessed the tragic wreck of the packet-boat Veronese near the Boa Nova beach, in Leça – Matosinhos. Click here to see the film.

In this Film-Concert,  the Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra will play live with the projection of the original film from 1913, and a group of new short films inspired by this tragic accident that marked the history of cinema in Portugal. 

Besides Tinoco’s “Soundless Coast”, the OJM will play other works by Carlos Azevedo (for a film by  Sandro Aguilar); Pedro Moreira (instrumental); Ohad Talmor (for a film by Francisco Moura); Marco Barroso (instrumental)Pedro Guedes (for a film by Tiago Guedes); Zé Eduardo (instrumental); Bernardo Sassetti (for a film by Margarida Cardoso); Paulo Perfeito (instrumental); and Mário Laginha (for a film by João Canijo).

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