Associate Composer with Casa da Música

Whilst announcing their season for 2017, the Casa da Musica in Porto have confirmed that Luís Tinoco shall be one of their new associate composers. This collaboration results in five performances of Tinoco’s works (see calendar below).

Every year, the Casa da Musica base their programme around a different nation and for 2017, they have chosen Great Britain. Tinoco forms part of a team of composers and artists chosen for the new season. He will work alongside Sir Harrison Birtwistle – composer in residence; Ryan Wigglesworth – associated artist; James Dillon – associated composer; Luís Neto da Costa – young composer in residence.

Casa da Música

Casa da Música

Performances’ calendar:

FrisLand – 25th March 2017 – Casa da Musica Symphony Orchestra, cond by Olari Elts
Costa Muda (Soundless Coast) – 11th May 2017- Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra, cond by Pedro Guedes
Before Spring – 13th of May 2017 – Casa da Musica Symphony Orchestra, cond by Martin André
Invention on Landscape – 16th of May 2017 – Remix Ensemble, cond by Pedro Neves
Spam! – 19th of September 2017 – Remix Ensemble, cond by Peter Rundel



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