Remix Ensemble performs “Spam!”

Remix Ensemble

Remix Ensemble

On the 19th September, 7.30 p.m., at Sala Suggia / Casa da Música, the Remix Ensemble lead by Peter Rundel will perform “Spam!” – for ensemble and narrator. In this work, Jorge Prendas will read and sing texts collected from electronic spam and improbable articles published on-line and other sources, set to music by Luís Tinoco in 2009 following a commission by the OrchestrUtopica. 

You can listen to one excerpt of the première performance here.

The forthcoming performance is part of a “Humorous Notes” / humor in music program that will also feature other compositions by George Brecht, Salvatore Sciarrino, Francesco Filidei and Mauricio Kagel.

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