The Delirium of My Desire – UK première

On the 30th November at 7.30 pm, as part of the Rarescale concert series, at the Shoreditch Church in London, the flutist Carla Rees will give the first UK performance of ‘The Delirium of my Desire – a Consequenza for solo flute in memoriam Luciano Berio’.
Commissioned by the Remix Ensemble / Casa da Música, this piece was first performed by Stéphanie Wagner in Strasbourg, in September 2006.

Carla Rees

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A few days earlier, on the 22nd November, this same piece will be also performed by Luís Meireles in a recital that will take place at the Porto Music Conservatoire.

cilck here to listen do Luís Meireles playing this piece



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