Zapping – Spanish première

Alberto_RoqueFollowing the recent performances of Zapping (2004) in Lisbon, by the Escola Superior de Música Symphony Orchestra, this work will now have it’s Spanish première by the Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León, conducted by Alberto RoqueZapping will be performed on the 11th of June, at 12.00 and 17.00 pm., included in the Family Concerts series, at the Centro Cultural Miguel Delibes, in Valladolid. zapping

On his program notes for Zapping, Tinoco wrote that (…) this work was written as a response to a commission where I was asked to pay a tribute to Mozart and Haydn’s late symphonies. By being confronted, today, with the 18th century, I decided to do a musical reproduction of the “spirit” of zapping – a typical manifestation of our contemporary experience, in so many fields and contexts. Therefore, in this piece, there is no developing of material nor any organic discourse within the musical narrative. Zapping starts as it starts and ends as it ends. But it could start and end differently. As opposed to a music that would try to explore the maximum consequences of its material, I was attracted – and for a duration of 4’33″ – to exploring the idea of briefness and speed, so that detailed and careful listening would become virtually impossible. Within this context Haydn’s B-flat Major Symphony No. 102; and Mozart’s E flat Major No. 39 K.543, became a mere “pretext” – or, even, as mere ‘objets trouvés’. As the music evolves, using some fragments of both symphonies, I propose my personal zapping. (…)



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