“Zoom in – Zoom out”, two performances in Lisbon

On the 21st and the 22nd of February, at 07.00 pmLiceu Camões Auditorium and at 04.00 pm - Orient Museum Auditorium, respectively, the work “Zoom in – Zoom out” will be performed in two recitals with the percussion trio Solistas da Metropolitana (Marco Fernandes, João Carlos Pacheco and Fernando Llopis).

Marco Fernandes, João Pacheco, Fernando Llopis

Marco Fernandes, João Pacheco, Fernando Llopis

In the same program (live broadcast on the Antena 2, 21st Feb.) this trio will also perform works by Smith, Takemitsu and Xenakis.

Dedicated to Miquel Bernat, “Zoom in – Zoom out” was written between December 2009 and January 2010 as part of a project entitled  Deconstructing Bossa, conceived and premièred by the Drumming Percussion Group.

(…) More than quoting previous material, taken from the Brazilian popular music repertoire, I tried to create a piece that, almost imperceptibly, would lead our mind to spaces related with the universe of the Brazilian music, either by the use of specific accents and rhythmic patterns, either by the gradual construction of brief melodic sketches. (…) [Luís Tinoco, Jan. 2010.]

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